TFI post-Reboot – Structure and Services

first published May 2010
condensed version April 2012

Principles for Structure and Services
The mission. The services provided for TFI members, the projects and endeavors in which finances and resources are invested, and the role of leadership will all be looked at from the perspective of facilitating the mission, TFI’s core purpose.

Spiritual feeding. Providing spiritual feeding for members, members’ children, and those whom members are ministering to spiritually will be the other priority to which resources will be devoted.

Guiding principles. The structure, leadership, and materials will support various aspects of TFI’s guiding principles (core purpose, core beliefs, and core values).

Facilitation. Family structure will not be responsible to ensure that members apply TFI’s guiding principles or uphold  spiritual / lifestyle standards. The role of leadership or services will be to actively assist TFI members in carrying out their mission projects and goals.

Nationalization. TFI’s new model will give more attention to developing a national structure and leadership that provides facilitation, services, leadership, and materials tailored to the country from within the country.

The Charter
In the new TFI Charter (version 4) TFI membership responsibilities are much simpler than in the past. There is no comprehensive listing of rules for living or good Christian conduct. The main Charter body grants authority to several official supporting documents, which will also reflect any future developments in Family governance and structure.

The Boards
TFI as an organization will discontinue the previous board structure, and instead invest its resources in (1) facilitating the mission, and (2) providing spiritual feeding to the Family. Things that leadership and the board structure once aimed to provide, will now shift to being the responsibility of individuals.

Coach Program and Shepherding Desks
Since steering councils will not be mandated, the coach program  no longer fits with the future mode of TFI operation and together with the shepherding desks  will also be discontinued..

TFI Facilitators
TFI is establishing a new position, called TFI facilitators, whose role is to assist Family members in carrying out the mission within specific portfolios. They will not be responsible to mediate in disputes, nor to ensure that members uphold specific personal and lifestyle standards.

*    Facilitator portfolios
Church growth and community: Assist with the development of mission-related communities and community events and projects, coordination of retreats, and facilitation of members’ witnessing initiatives.

Works/administration: Facilitate the establishment of new TFI member works, assist existing works, and provide information on practical/business matters pertaining to works. Assist in large-scale mission/charitable projects. Manage TFI structure administration and business matters in the country/area.

Public affairs: Promote understanding of TFI and assist in building the Family’s public presence. Provide assistance to works and communities in their public relations and presentation. Provide a TFI public affairs desk to handle public, media, or official inquiries.

Member care: Facilitate the spiritual needs of members being met within TFI’s community of faith. Facilitate the care and feeding of new members. Assist with procedures governing membership infractions. Coordinate fellowships and inspirational events for members.

TFI may in time build in facilitation for faith-based and mission-related youth and children’s activities and needs as well.

National and Area Facilitation Councils
The facilitators within one country will form a national facilitation council (NFC) . Other countries will be grouped together into five larger areas  within a similar geographic and/or cultural zone. The facilitators within one area will form an area facilitation council (AFC). There will also be international facilitators, whose duties will be outlined in time.

Regional Shepherds
After February 2011, there will no longer be regional shepherds. The reboot changes in regard to the increased scope for self-determination, and leadership not monitoring or directing members in spiritual and lifestyle matters, go into effect immediately.

Regional Councils and Regional Desks
Come February 2011, the present regional structure will end altogether and the new setup with the facilitators will come into play.

Family products
The structure for the creation and distribution of Family/Aurora products is being reevaluated and revised, in keeping with the overall changes that the reboot is bringing into play.

Service Homes
There will no longer be a designation for service homes in the Charter. Those providing TFI services will not be expected to relinquish any aspects of self-determination, or to adhere to different  membership requirements .

If a member wants to visit or live in any country, no prior notification needs to be given to any official Family entity. If TFI members have changed locations, they can update their TFI member account with that information.

Mission-Activity Restricted Countries*
Starting a work in a mission-activity restricted country requires approval by the TFI works facilitator . The Charter no longer contains different lifestyle requirements for members living in such countries, nor expects them to relinquish any aspects of self-determination. There may be mission-based guidelines to abide by to avoid complications, because of the unusual circumstances in such countries.

International Spiritual Feeding Resources
*    Devotional material online
Devotional and inspirational content for Family adults, teens, and children will all be featured and made available online. TFI’s library of past publications will also be reorganized and updated.

*    Paper publications discontinued
As of June 2010 all new Family feeding material is online only.

*    Children’s site and online parenting resources
My Wonder Studio is a new site dedicated to online publishing of Christian and character-building materials for children of Family members, geared to ages 0–12. The site is also open to the public.
The new Parenting site is an information resource of updated materials on the subjects of parenting and child-rearing, education, health, exercise, marriage and relationships, pregnancy, and more.

*    World Services
WS materials and services will be realigned to provide resources and assistance in the mission, as well as spiritual feeding for members.

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